Elderly Centre Visit
Devoting to the Society, BMI Appraisals Takes Care of the Elderly

In the spirit of “Caring for the Community, Spreading the Message of Love”, BMI Appraisals Limited (“BMIA”) promotes social services enthusiastically. On 13 December 2008, a number of staff of the company made a goodwill visit to the ELCHK Shatin Multi-Service Centre for the Elderly and brought joy of Christmas to all the elderly.

During the event, we celebrated the Christmas with more than forty elderly. Through various group games, we all had a good time and shared the joy of this festive season. The elderly even offered themselves for performances such as aerobic dance, Cantonese operas singing and poems reciting, impressing all the audience and receiving great response of clapping and cheering.

Most of the elderly involved were over the age of sixty, while some of them were suffering from illnesses, disability and lack of care. Despite their old age, their spirits never grow old, their love and passion towards life has made the younger generation even more touched and admired. We are hoping to bring warmth to the minority of the society and convey messages of taking good care of elderly through this visit. In the future, BMIA will continue to promote social activities, and elaborate the spirit of helping others.