Elderly Centre Visit 2018


BMI Appraisals Limited (“BMIA”) is dedicated to caring the minority of the society and actively participates in the community services. On 8 September 2018, we visited the ELCHK, Shatin District Community Centre for the Golden-Aged again and brought our warmest greetings and concerns to all the elderly.

On that day, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with around one hundred elderly. We had prepared festival fruits & foods, presents, games and a singing performance for the elderly. We all had enjoyed a meaningful & warm morning. Through various group games, everyone participated enthusiastically and the elderly volunteers also prepared singing performance, magic show and harmonica performance as thanks for us. It brought the event to a climax.

Over the years, despite the elderly centre visit, BMIA has constantly participated and made donations to support the non-profit making charitable organizations, such as the Hong Kong Red Cross, The Community Chest of Hong Kong and Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation and so on.

In the future, BMIA will continue to promote the social activities and caring of the minority of the society.