Company Profile

BMI Appraisals Limited ("BMIA") provides a wide spectrum of professional valuation and consultancy services relating to initial public offerings (IPO), public documentations, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, taxation, liquidation and litigation to both local and overseas clients. The integrated service team of BMIA has solid experience principally in areas of real estate valuations, plant & machinery valuations, business valuations and intangible assets valuations.

Zhong He Appraisal Company ("Zhong He Appraisal") is one of the first batch appraisal companies approved by the State-owned Asset Management Bureau and the China Securities and Regulatory Commission ("CSRC") to conduct valuation business on the state level. It also possesses A-grade Land Appraisal Qualification and Real Estate Appraisal Qualification granted by the Land Resources Bureau as well as A-grade Construction Price Qualification granted by the Construction Bureau. Zhong He Appraisal has established a strong team of appraisal professionals to provide appraisal services in connection with listing, joint-venture, merger & acquisition, mortgage, asset transfer, liquidation, asset management, legal purposes and so on.

Zhong He Appraisal and BMIA merged together in October 2005, named BMI Appraisals. After the merger, our service team contains over 160 professionals consisting of Chartered Surveyors, professional accountants, Certified Public Valuers, Charterholders of Chartered Financial Analyst, actuaries, mechanical engineers and arbitrators in China and so on. They possess in-depth knowledge and professional skills enabling them to provide comprehensive services to our clients. BMI Appraisals has become one of the leading valuation companies in Hong Kong and China. Our company has been engaged by more than 1,000 companies, of which more than one-half are reputable listed companies in Hong Kong, China and overseas.