Dr. Jue Wang

Director, Technical Consulting (Oil & Gas)

Dr. Wang is a Director of the Company. She has over 20 years of operational and senior management experience in upstream exploration and production activities in the oil and gas industry and won numerous awards for her technical knowledge excellence. Prior to her current position, she was the senior management in the huge state-owned oil company, Sinopec, in her early career due to her outstanding integral abilities including both technical and managerial skills. Within Sinopec, she was responsible for petroleum production management all the while. She worked in various departments in major petroleum companies in China for about 17 years and headed the planning of exploration and production departments. In her capabilities, Dr. Wang was also engaged as Senior Oilfield Reservoir and Production Engineer, Geologist in oilfield development, Assistant Supervisor of the oilfield development department, etc. She also headed various departments including the development of oilfield reservoirs.

Mr. Chi Seng Kong

Associate Director, Technical Consulting (Mining)
BSc (Geology), M.A. (Economics), Dip (Civil Engineering), MSc (Applied Geosciences)

Mr. Kong is an Associated Director of the Company. He is a registered Geologist and Geotechnical Engineer with over 25 years geological experience in Hong Kong and Overseas. He holds a bachelor degree in geology from National Taiwan University and a master degree of Science, Applied Geosciences from the University of Hong Kong. Mr. Kong has extensive experience in mining and materials handling industries with a broad background in engineering and project management. He has good experience in areas of management, geological data collection and modeling, ground investigation, sampling, assaying and QA/QC, geological mapping and structural geology application. Mr. Kong was awarded European Geologist, Chartered Geologist (UK), Chartered Professional (Geology & Mining) (Australia), Certified Professional Geologist (American) and the Scrutinizer for the Chartered Geologist (UK). He is a fellow of the Geological Society (UK), member of the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, Vice Chairman of the Geological Society of Hong Kong — Professional Branch. Mr. Kong is also approved Logging Geologist by Geotechnical Engineering Office of Environment, Transport and Works Bureau and Buildings Department of HKSAR.

Dr. Gang Yu

Chief Engineer, Technical Consulting

Dr. Yu is the Chief Engineer of the Company. He has over 21 years of international experiences in geophysics, petrophysics, borehole seismic, logging services, drilling process, water treatment for the applications in petroleum, environmental, groundwater and mining industries. In recent years, Dr. Yu engages in development and implementation of the advanced technologies (including reservoir geophysics, production process optimization, facility optimization, etc.) for oil and gas development and production in complex mature oilfields. He lived and worked in Australia, American and Europe for many years. He is a visiting professor of Chengdu University of Technology and China University of Petroleum, and has working knowledge of many of the oilfields in most continents in the world.

Mr. Chu Yue Bun

Senior Consultant, Real Estate

Mr. Chu is a Senior Consultant of the Company. He has very extensive valuation experience for over 39 years, of which 33 years have been in a post-qualification professional capacity in rental and capital valuations. Mr. Chu began his career as a Valuation Assistant with the Rating & Valuation Department in 1964 where his daily duties were primarily the rental and capital valuation of properties for rating, stamp duty and estate duty purposes, rising through the ranks to Senior Valuation Surveyor in 1984 which post he held until 1996. Mr. Chu provided rental assessments on HKHA premises since late 1970s’. He was also a Designated Premium Assessor for the Director of Housing for the period from 1999 up to present, actively carrying out hundreds of Premium Assessments on HOS/PSPS flats. Mr. Chu is a Registered Professional Surveyor (General Practice), a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors.

Mr. Cheng Kai Ming

Senior Consultant, Real Estate

Mr. Cheng is a Senior Consultant of the Company. He began his surveying career in 1973 with the Rating & Valuation Department. He qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1984 and appointed as Rating & Valuation Surveyor in 1985. During his 13 years service with the Rating & Valuation Department, he has acquired profound experiences in valuations for various purposes, rent control legislation and leasing matters. He later joined Housing Department as an Estate Surveyor in 1986 and promoted to Senior Estate Surveyor in 1995. He mainly involved in different kinds of housing development and land related matters. He was very conversant with HOS/PSPS/TPS developments, in particular, their planning and development, sale arrangement, mortgage finance and post-sale matters. Mr. Cheng was also a Designated Premium Assessor for the Director of Housing for the period from 2004 up to present. Mr. Cheng is a Registered Professional Surveyor (General Practice), a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors. He is also a member of China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers.